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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Robin's in December ??

Today, as with most days when I have free time, I ventured out to look for something to shoot, today it was winter birds, or at least I had hoped... Low and behold I found a whole flock of Robins!! Never have I seen such a large number of these birds still here at the end of December!! There were about 20 birds in the flock that I had seen. All feasting on berries that were in the trees. I also seen 3 Cedar Wax Wings, 8 Pine Grosbeaks, 1 Blue Jay, a handful of Juncos and I guess all that was missing was the partridge in the pair tree!!


  1. Hi Derek ~
    Your photos are indeed sensational! Love your blog entry.
    I'm a birder from way back, and I love anything related to them, esp. North American Birds

    and thanks again

  2. Thanks for taking the time to check out my Blog Stella!! It is a new feature that I have recently just added to!!

    Happy New Year
    Derek Dafoe