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Thursday, January 1, 2009

How do you Photograph Frogs like that ???

One of the most common questions I get is about frog photography, and just how I manage to capture such sharpness and detail. Here I will try to address the basics, and techniques that allow myself to photograph these amazing creatures. The Bull frog on the left was shot on a nice bright sunny morning, light and good light, is very important. The second most important thing is the angle of the shot, the more eye level you can get to your subject the better. An eye level focal plane will always yield a more "real Life" result than say a shot that has been taken at a higher angle. So yes, this does mean that to make the shot you have to hit the ground and get low!! When shooting Wildlife, I recommend no shorter than a 200mm lens, and for best, and more workable results a 300-400 works best. Use a tripod, and make sure you use a fast shutter speed to get sharp images!! I define a sharp image as something that when it is view at 100% on the computer screen, it still looks rather crisp and not too soft. A sharp image is much easier than a soft one to crop, which is regularly required when shooting frogs and other wildlife. When approaching your subject, do so quietly, and avoid casting shadows over top, as this can spook a frog very easily!! Always keep the sun to your back, and shot the high lighted features of the frog the best you can. A back lit subject will lose a lot of highlights and details. Most important thing to remember, is to have fun!!

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