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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring Wildlife Opportunities

In this addition I want to talk about the season that is fast approaching us.. Spring! This is my favorite of seasons, partly because, the snow goes bye bye, and mostly it brings so many migratory bird visitors through our region here in the Quinte area, which makes it the best time for photographing them.

The early spring always brings lots of different waterfowl, and they can be found and best photographed in areas of open water. Small areas that open up early, before the larger sections of ice go out. It's these early areas of open water that really can attract some interesting water birds. Some of my favorites are the Bufflehead Ducks (Top Right Photo), a diving species that is readily seen here in the spring, but others that include non Migratory species, such as the Common Golden Eye, Lesser Scaups and two species of Mergansers, the Common and the hooded, the later Drake is a spectacular looking bird (Middle Right Photo). Remember when I talk about early areas of open water? These Hooded Mergansers were photographed at the Belleville Reid's Dairy pond out back!! Any early open water has the potential to bring in waterfowl, even in the heart of a busy city.
Next I am going to talk about setting up around these open areas. Wild ducks and other waterfowl are extremely skittish where people are concerned, so an approach to limiting the human form is required, because to get great shots, you have to be able to get close in their environment. Yes, you can get lucky, as I did with the above shots, but the whole time I was there, they seen me, and my presents inevitably caused them to fly away!!
This year I am going to be trying out a product from the U.S (doesn't everything have to come from there!) called the Kwik Camo (Bottom Right Photo). As you can see from the picture on the bottom, this great product allows you to set up in an area you want and cover yourself, camera, and tripod with a zippered up camouflaged material! With this type of set up, you should be able to get extremely close to your intended targets. I say should here, because I have not used it yet, but it stands to reason that with most any wild creatures, if you can eliminate the human form from an animals view, you should be successful. My thinking is to set up in the early morning hours, and wait... Ducks that fly in, will be completely unaware of my presents, and those that had seen me, should lose interest rather quickly of my hidden self. Time will tell, but I certainly look forward to trying out his new technique come spring, and a complete review of this piece of gear will be posted as soon as I have given it a full go, right here on my blog... Until next time, happy shooting!!

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