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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Equipment Pricing 2009

I think most of us were spoiled by last years pricing on photography equipment!! Last year our Canadian dollar was strong and buying power was great! This year as world economies struggle, and currencies fight to keep their value against the stronger Yen, we are seeing some pretty drastic price increases here in North America.

Last year you could purchase a Canon 500mm F4L IS lens for $5986.16 CND. Right now that same lens is retailing for an astonishing $8449.99 CND!! A difference of $2463.83 CND!! Those who purchased last year will be undoubtedly happy with that decision!

For the most part, prices will remain high until the world's economies can repair themselves, if that is possible... There aren't many deals on New photo equipment these days, so it pays to know the market, watch the exchange rates, as plummeting currencies are a sure bet of high prices in the future... Until next time... "Put a Canon to Your Head, You Deserve it!!"

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