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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frogs are Back !!

Well, another season of outdoor photography has begun, and everything that has been asleep over the past few months is awakening to a brand new season.

For me that means the return of the frogs, most of which are heavy into their breeding season. Spring Peepers, and Leopard frogs are the first to "Jump" into the swing of things and get the ball rolling to produce this year's generation of young frogs. Here are a few shots of what I have been seeing so far this year at the marsh ! Until next time... "Put a Canon to Your Head, You Deserve it!!"


  1. Stunning pics that had me almost hugging my screen! I haven't been lucky enough to see ANY of these in daily life so far, so thanks for sharing! Pleeeaseee dont be a stranger at that marsh ok!!

    Just stunning....

  2. Thanks Celtic~Cowgirl !! Glad to see I am not talking to myself on this blog!! LOL! Glad you enjoyed the pics, and I promise there will be more to come ;)