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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Owls Galore !!

This winter has been great for Barred Owl Photography!!  Large numbers of these beautiful birds have been sighted in the Quinte and surrounding areas...  No one is just sure why there are so many, but most likely the 2009 breeding season was a very successful one, and food sources are adequate enough to support these large numbers of feathered predators...  So far the winter has been a mild one, free of large amounts of snow and severe cold.  It is my guess that this species of Owl will continue to thrive in the area for sometime to come.  Numbers of other Owls such as Snowy's, Great Grey's, Boreal and Northern Saw Whets have not been that great this winter, most likely due to higher than normal food sources further up north, which has prevented the need to migrate this far south during our winter for food.  Here are a few pics of some Barred Owls that I have met this winter at Presqu'ile Provincial park