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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prehistoric Designs

One has to marvel over the designs of some of the reptiles we share this planet with.  Millions of years have past, and yet the same design has carried on with many species of reptiles...  The Common Snapping Turtle is probably one of the most prehistoric looking Turtles we have today, along with Alligators, Crocodiles and many species of lizards.

The average size of the common Snapping Turtle is around 40 pounds, but there are some boys and girls out there that can top out at 100 pounds!!  Life span of these Turtles is anywhere from 40-70 years.  They protect themselves when threatened by striking like snakes, and the speed of a striking Snapping Turtle rivals that of any Rattle Snake!  These Turtles easily have the ability to cause serious damage, and you need to be careful handling these reptiles, because the can remove a finger very, very easily!!

While I have pointed some of the dangers of these creatures, it's important to point out, that they act like this as a meaning of defence.  They don't want anything to do with people, so stay out of their of way!!

Snapping Turtles eat a variety of things including plants.  They are also big time scavengers and will feed on anything they find dead in the water.  Fisherman have to be careful with fish on stringers, because the turtles will take advantage of this!!  They mainly feed on frogs and insects, but will also take baby water fowl and even small mammals!!  In the picture below a large Snapper actually took a young Beaver!  The Beaver's curiosity probably go the best of it, and when he got too close this turtle struck out, and decided this was dinner!!  I watched this turtle eat every last bit of this Beaver..  I commonly still see this turtle swimming around the Beaver lodge, looking or waiting for another chance to eat a Beaver!!  This Turtles is a large Adult weighing around 40-60 LBS !