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Friday, December 14, 2012

Camera of the Year

Popular Photography Magazine's top pick for Camera of the Year 2012 - Goes to the New EOS 5D Mark III !!  I can certainly say that I think they got this one right!  The 5D3 is a solid feature packed camera, with a fantastic 61 point Auto focus system, that is lightning fast to use,  Excellent noise and ISO performance throughout the range, Compact Flash and SD card slots available, in fact you can write to one or both cards, or right the same to both and use it as a working backup!  Very handy if your a wedding shooter, where the risk of losing images is something you don't want!
In a market where competition is fierce, especially from it's close rival Nikon, this is a great achievement for Canon in the Full Frame market.  Below is a shot I took with the Mark III...
Here is a link to the full article from Popular Photography...
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