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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shooting Hummingbirds

Photographing these tiny birds can be a tough challenge...  One that I am actually still trying to master!!  They move so fast it makes it almost impossible to get a nice sharp shot.  In the above shot the bird was perched so at least that helped!!  All you can do is practice, and eventually you will get a shot or two!
The Male Ruby Throats are what you are after in a shot!!  But like I said they are tough!!
Sharp focus is essential when shooting these guys, use as fast a shutter as you can, along with your servo focus mode to keep everything sharp..
It's always nice to capture Hummingbirds away from feeders and on natural things like flowers.  Scarlet runner beans are a favorite!!  Personally I do not like shots of Hummers with the feeders, natural flowers all the way!  So another tip is to plant the flowers close to feeders, they will visit both, and that makes for better chances to get some nice shots..  I didn't get a whole lot of time to shoot these guys this past summer, so hopefully next year will yield some better stuff!!

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