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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today's BetterPhoto Submission

I guess as my trademark name suggests, my photography must involve the shooting of frogs!  Well it does and it's something I enjoy doing very much...  It's not so much the capturing of just a frog, but the capture of the frog in a beautiful environment surrounded by great light and color that drives my obsession for these intriguing amphibians.  There is nothing better than the morning sunlight, and it's not uncommon to find me running around a marsh in the early hours of the morning looking for that one great shot!  The above shot was taken at 7:38am in the morning, while the sun was still low.  I find that after 10am, it's simply not worth trying to shoot frogs in the marsh, because after this time the sun is just too high in the sky, and you lose the really good light, and shadows..  Not to mention after 10am it starts getting hot, so they tend to find shade! After hundreds of frog shot's I still am looking for the next one that is different somehow and I keep on clicking!!!

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