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Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer!!

It's been a terrific season for Wildlife Photography so far this year!!  One of the highlights this year has been some great opportunities for Common Loon shots!  Living on a river has it's advantages, and it gives you chances to be in position for great shots like this below!

Loons are one of the most majestic of water birds you can find.  They can also be hard to get into proper position!!  Remember the light is always moving and depending on how the dark head hits the light, depends on if you get a shot that is a keeper, or one for the trash can!

I also like to get loons into wider shots, close ups are always good, but shots that show the habitat around them I love too!

I didn't luck out with any Loon and chick shots this year....  Partly because of the weird spring we had, I think it really messed up the nesting season!  Glad I managed to snag of few of these shots though!

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