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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Robins, Robins, and more Robins!!

Normally a Canadian winter consists of cold and snow, but it seems these days with the ever present effects of global warming, winters that we were once use to just don't seem to materialize!  Both the farmers almanac, and the main stream Meteorologists predicted a cold and snowy winter...  Well it just hasn't happened...  at least not yet!

On February the 12th winter tried it's hardest  and we ended up getting a nice blanket of snow, but confusion still loomed....  Robins!!  Lots and lots of Robins!!  From at least the end of January I started noticing these birds around, and while seeing the odd one isn't unusual because many do stay for our winters, what I was seeing was now very unusual...  100's of them!  It seemed no matter where you drove in Belleville, ON you were running into small flocks of Robins...  Sometimes I'd count 12, next time I'd count 30!!

The following images were all shot during the snow storm on February the 12th, where a number of Robins decided that a feast of Crab Apples was on the menu!!

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